A Few Words About Us

TelpayFX recognizes that currency exchange and international payments are very
specialized fields requiring highly qualified experts who solely focus on currency.
That is who we are.

Telpay is a leading bill payment and money transfer company. Founded in 1985, it has conducted hundreds of billions of payments for tens of thousands of customers. 

Mission & Values


We are committed to customer service excellence to build trust and long term relationships.


TelpayFX takes pride in how our people conduct themselves with integrity, while delivering excellence to our clients.


TelpayFX provides exceptional opportunity and work environment allowing us to access top talent we can share with you.


Our Currency Exchange Partnership

We have partnered with a top currency exchange provider to deliver
ultra-competitive rates and outstanding service

  • • AFEX was founded in 1979.
  • • One of the world’s largest non-bank, private providers
    of currency exchange solutions
  • • Trading more than $15bn in foreign exchange each year.

Personal Dealer

AFEX provides expert dealers for TelpayFX customers to discuss your foreign exchange needs and to help formulate strategies to reduce your foreign exchange risk.